Stay Healthy <Marry Christmas>

Its Christmas time and I hope what I am going to discuss with you is the best way to prescribe to have a happy and healthy life forever.

Let us discuss about health on this Christmas 2019, we all want to live a healthy and wealthy life and should know that "Health" is the most important factor that let us to live long and cheerful life.

A great man has said that if you are healthy, then you will have to face less trouble and difficulties in your life.

Today's people are only struggling for wealth and have forgotten that if their health is not good, then how is they going to use wealth to keep their life happy//

There is no value of money unless it is really enjoyed. Money doesn't do everything. If your health is good, then you can become more wealthy.

There are some things in life that we have received as gifts from god such as "health". Money is not useful to keep them intact. Only our rules regulation is necessary regarding our life can make our life better and health can be very good as well.

Here we have some simple steps that will surely help you to have a healthy life:

1. Wake up early in morning.

2. Do at-least 20 minutes of workout(physical exercise)

3. Do mental exercise (meditation)

4. Reduce meat consumption.

5. Reduce alcohol consumption.

6. Increase water consumption.

7. Increase green vegetables consumption.

8. Reduce toxic food.

9. Be positive for present and stop worrying about future.

We all know that these 9 steps are not easy to implement in our daily life, but I hope that if we try few of the steps daily there will be the results that everyday make you feel excited to adopt all these advises in your life.

**//May the spirit of Christmas be with you throughout the New Year Marry Christmas //**

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