Gooe Gold Shop (Real or Scam)

Gooe gold trading/ shopping

Hey guys!

Hope you all doing well, so guys today I’m going to let you know something very serious about one of the ranking trading platform and also known for the gold shop.

Yes, I’m telling about “GOOE GOLD” previously named as “LEFEY GOLD”.

First of all this is not an Indian website/app, using this website/app to make profits will cost you higher if found by cyber crime branches for breaking the laws.

In clear words this is an illegal platform for trading in India. Most of you who are using this platform to make profits, you will find this website very luring and interesting at its initial stage. The promoter of the trading application will show that how easy it is to make money online. You will easily get surprised that it is so easy.

Lets see how it works first...

* Here we have current period and the previous period, previous period shows the result that which colour displayed on the basis of fake market analysis whereas the current period is to apply/ join the colour on the basis of your prediction.

* Now join the colour by following few easy steps:

1. Click on the colour bar.

2. Select the amount.

3. Select the number with which the selected amount to be multiplied.

4. Apply for the trade.

5. Now wait for the results.

This website or android application is basically fraud because they only need to grab your spare money from you and it ranks No.1 on google.

Soon you will be added to whatsapp groups by the promoter in which you will see how they begins with the sessions and tell that they are analysing the pattern of parity change to predict the trade, this is totally fraud.

Firstly, the promoter will ask you to recharge your wallet with Rs.200/- to start the trading.

When you recharge your wallet, a minimum commission goes to the promoter.

The process of commission is similar when you withdraw the profits/ money.

Guys kindly have a look on the rules of this platform, anybody will use this platform by seeing their rules because they have used a perfect strategies in rules also to get your mind stuck to their place.


1. 3 minutes 1 issue, 2 minutes and 30 seconds to order, 30 seconds to show the lottery result. It opens all day. The total number of trade is 480 issues. 2. If you spend 100 rupees to trade, after deducting 2 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 98 rupees: 3. JOIN GREEN: if the result shows 1,3,7,9, you will get (98*2) 196 rupees; If the result shows 5, you will get (98*1.5) 147rupees. 4. JOIN RED: if the result shows 2,4,6,8, you will get (98*2) 196 rupees; If the result shows 0, you will get (98*1.5) 147 rupees. 5. JOIN VIOLET: if the result shows 0 or 5, you will get (98*4.5) 441 rupees. 6. SELECT NUMBER: if the result is the same as the number you selected, you will get (98*9) 882 rupees.

Once you recharge, it will give you some call regarding crypto trading or lottery or we can say gambling. The names used for this fraud would be many but the purpose of calling you is always same.

As I said that they will add your mobile number to whatsapp group, they say that there is a group of teachers who will teach you how to trade or how to crack the colour code.

For 1 or 2 days the teacher will attend the session on whatsapp and he/she only tells which colour is to join for particular period and that session will have only 1 or 2 guesses. Teacher’s guesses goes right for 2 days because he/she actually had the data to be displayed on the app interface. For 2 days when the teacher’s predictions goes right, this thing gets stuck in your mind and you makes up your mind to go for some bigger profits.

Now the teacher will tell you that be ready to trade by recharging your wallet with minimum Rs.500/- and invite minimum 3 friends to continue..

This leads to be the chain formation for the teacher and after this you will earn some money 1k or 2k by trading for the same day and then the teacher will start to give you the wrong predictions and you will ended up with no money.

You all will be thinking right now that why would the teacher will give you the wrong predictions? if he want to build the chain, my dear friends I told you earlier that the teacher as well as the promoter only needs the commissions through your recharges and withdrawal, and when you lose the trade, you always recharge your trading wallet again and again to recover your losses. Some rivals of India wants to ruin indian economy by luring people. This ends up with a huge money loss for you instead of making the real profits whereas the teachers and the promoters gets huge profits from your pockets.

It is there to earn, to build their own economy in crypto currency. It works on public funding model like any lottery company.

Beware of these frauds and please safe your saved money, do not let them build their economy by losing your money on these types of scams.


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